Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kickstarter Rewards: T-Shirt Designs! VOTE!

It's election season! Voting time is coming up, and we figured that, with everyone in the mindset for voting anyway, why not throw one more decision your way? Don't worry-- we won't hound you with campaign ads or political propaganda. This vote should be a fun one!

We're in the process of producing and distributing our backer rewards for our recent Kickstarter project. Those of you who contributed to the project will remember a list of rewards offered for donations at various funding tiers. Those contributors who kindly donated $50 or more to our project will receive a t-shirt, designed by us! Yiwei and I have been tossing around different design ideas for a few weeks, and we've finally come up with three designs we think you'll like.

The problem? We just can't pick which of the three designs we think our Kickstarter backers will like the most. So we're putting it up to a vote here on the blog! You don't have to be a Kickstarter backer to help us choose a design.

To participate, find the poll in the upper right-hand corner of the blog, just under the header. Select the design you like best and then click the button that says "vote." You can only vote once, but you can change your selection at any time before voting ends. Voting will run from now until Wednesday, November 7th at 5:00 PM Pacific, so make sure to choose a design before the poll closes.

On to the designs!

The first is a realistic-style drawing of an eagle swiping a salmon from a brown bear:

The second design is a humorous take on the name "Haines" in an homage to Hanes underwear brand:

The third design is inspired by the traditional artwork of the local Tlingit Indians:

We'll be adding text to the winning design to reflect the Alaska Predator Research Project. The color of the t-shirts will depend on pricing and availability, but for now we're showing everything on a light grey background. The text, placement, colors, etc. may change depending on how we refine the final design, the printing company, and overall production costs. We are going to try to print the final design in color, but we might not be able to. We'll keep you updated as things progress. In the interim, choose your favorite design and cast your vote! If you'd like to suggest modifications to a design after you've voted (e.g., I like the second design, but I wish the underwear was white, I think design no. 3 would look great on the back of the t-shirt, etc.), please feel free to email us at ecologyalaska [at] gmail dot com, or post your suggestions in the comments section!

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