Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Trivia Question of the Week!

Hey everyone - Rachel just got back to Santa Cruz after a long drive and equally long ferry ride. She's currently without internet, so I am filling in for the trivia question this week! We'll be back soon with updates on eagle travels and tshirt news!

How many species of salmon are there in Alaska? 

The endangered knit salmon - Courtesy of Jenn Allen

Hint 1: There's Pink Salmon

Hint 2: And eagles' favorite Chum Salmon

Hint 3: Delicious Coho Salmon

Hint 4: Local favorite Sockeye Salmon

Hint 5: And the king of salmons, King Salmon

Ok - if you counted correctly you should have the answer: 5 Species!

Alaska hosts all five species of Pacific Salmon (in comparison, only 2 species are found in California). Some of you salmon aficionados may be thinking to yourself: "Wait a minute, I'm pretty sure I've heard of more than just 5 Alaskan salmon species." Well, this might be true because all of these salmon species have (at least) two names!

  • Pink Salmon are also known as humpy salmon for the humped shaped backs of spawning adults
  • Chum Salmon are also called dog salmon due to the large dog-like teeth of spawning adults
  • Coho Salmon are sometimes referred to as silver salmon for their color (in non spawning adults)
  • Sockeye Salmon turn very red when spawning and so are also named red salmon
  • King Salmon are also termed Chinook salmon, probably named after a group of Native Americans who lived in coastal Oregon and Washington states

Alaska Fish and Game Salmon ID guide (

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