Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trail Camera Photos: Marten Edition

Sometimes it seems like all of the photos we capture are bears and birds. But we do get a handful of other animals, too. Like marten! These members of the weasel family are omnivorous, and consume both plants and animals. They prey on squirrels, rodents, and small birds, and are excellent climbers. They're also attracted to carrion, and have made several appearances on our trail cameras. What marten can resist a free dead salmon?

Marten are closely related (and strongly resemble) another routine visitor to our trail cameras, mink. Marten are a little smaller, have more triangular faces and pointed ears, and seem to have ridiculously long legs:

In a lot of our marten photographs, the animals are looking directly at the camera. They're pretty curious! A lot of our photos are blurry, too, because they dart around so quickly. But here are a couple other marten photos that came out nicely, even if they aren't in color:

Hooray for mustelids!

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