Thursday, December 27, 2012

Updates: Eagles, 4N, t-shirts

It's time for some updates! First off, a look at where our four GPS-tagged eagles have been hanging out.

Not much has changed in the past couple weeks. Both females, 3E and 4P, continue to spend their time along the Chilkat River. We're beginning to wonder if both of these birds might be residents. There is still plenty of time for them to leave the area and travel southward, but for now it seems as if they are both perfectly happy sticking near Klukwan.



The males haven't gone far, either. 3C, the adult male,  seems to be heading a little further south and slightly inland, although he's still near Prince Rupert.


The immature male, 2Z has now been in and around Prince Rupert for several weeks. This may be his overwintering area.

We have an update on 4N, too, and unfortunately, it isn't good news. Taal and Jenn were able to brave the cold and snow and trek out to the last place from which we received GPS locations on 4N's tag. They dug around in the snow and were able to find the tag, but it was apparent that the tag hadn't simply fallen off-- 4N has died. There wasn't any apparent cause of death, so we're still uncertain what exactly happened. The tag was still on properly (i.e. didn't appear to be causing any problems, constricting movement, etc.) and there were no outward signs of injury or illness. We may never know exactly what happened. As glad as we are to have recovered the tag, we are saddened that 4N did not survive. :(


One final update this week, on the t-shirts for the Kickstarter rewards. We've submitted our printing order, and the shirts should be completed and ready for shipment and pickup on January 8th. For those of your receiving shipped shirts, we'll try and complete shipments as quickly as possible. For those of you in the Bay area picking up your shirts, they'll be ready soon! We ordered a few extras, so for those of you that haven't ordered one and would like to, there is still time to purchase shirts if you'd like!

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