Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eagle Update

The past couple weeks have seen few changes in the places our GPS tagged eagles have been traveling. The females are still seemingly content to stay on the Chilkat, while the males are still southward in and around Prince Rupert.

The adult female, 3E, and the immature female, 4P, are both right around the area we initially caught them:



The mature male, 3C, is still moving around a bit, bouncing eastward, then westward again, then a bit to the southeast, though he is still near Prince Rupert. You can see pretty clearly on this image how he has been following waterways closely as he travels.


The immature male, 2Z, has now been in Prince Rupert for more than a month. This may be where he stays until spring. It seems 2Z is spending time feeding at a landfill near the city. Since he is a younger bird, he may not be able to compete with other eagles for better food sources (e.g. fish), or perhaps his hunting skills aren't quite up to scratch. Whatever the reason, doesn't appear to be following the salmon, but rather, the dump truck.


In the upper right hand corner of the photo above, you can see a little portion of 3C's track, where the two birds were near one another for a short time.

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